One in 22,000 : Something in The Way She Moves

Amy Phillips stretches before dance practice, inside the Chesapeake room at the Towson University Union. ( Photo By: Jerice Boston TU Student)

The story of Amy Phillips, a Towson University sophomore, that has an extreme passion and love for the art of dance.  Amy has been dancing since she was in the fourth grade. She is co-captain of the Allure Dance Troupe, a club team at Towson. Read Amy’s Full story.

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Towson Graduate Encourages Students to Get More Involved On Campus

Brandy Hall
Towson University Mass Communication Journalism students gather around Brandy Hall, Assistant Director of Student Activities as she speaks about her career and experiences in Student organizations as a student at Towson.                                         (Photo By: Jerice Boston TU Student)



Towson University’s Office of Student Activities mission is to prepare students to be well rounded and actively engaged graduates of the university. Listen to this story of how the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Towson Graduate is encouraging students to get involved on campus.

Students Hoping to Make Connections That Could Last A Lifetime.

Mass communication and communication studies students seek to make valuable industry connections with employers at this years, Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) annual networking fair. (Photo by: Jerice Boston TU Student)

Over 250 Towson University students filed into the Chesapeake Room at the University Union Thursday, eager to land a job or internship.

Towson University’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) held its annual networking fair for Mass Communications and Communication Studies students.

“We put on the Mass Communication & Communication Studies networking fair in order to provide students with internships that relate to their major specifically,” said LeeAnn Summerlin president of Towson’s (PRSSA). “We invited companies related to advertising, public relations, broadcast journalism, and we even have some marketing communication. We like to have a spread to suit a variety of student interests.

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Towson University Students Speaks About a Future Career in Fashion Journalism.

Aspiring Fashion Journalist Leah Volpe sitting outside of her Journalism & New Media Class in the media center on Towson University. Photo by: Jerice Boston TU Student

Towson University Student Leah Volpe discusses with me why she decided to attend Towson. Leah talks about her future career as a fashion journalist and how she plans to accomplish this by making valuable connections at her internship in New York City.


Graduate Students Celebrate International Women’s Day

Dozens of Towson University students and faculty gathered at Freedom Square on Wednesday, in support of International Women’s Day.

Towson University Graduate Students held a rally in Freedom Square to bring awareness to the issues of woman rights and to have a conversation about some of the misogyny they feel still exist on campus.

“It is a special movement and we wanted to do something here to bring this up,” said Graziele Grilo Towson University Woman & Gender Studies Graduate student. Continue reading “Graduate Students Celebrate International Women’s Day”



1.Image one is a photo of the bronze statue of the Towson University mascot (Tiger Doc)  I like this picture because it is a powerful representation of Doc (mascots name). This photo is a powerful representation because it gives students and spectators the image of pride, confidence, and school spirit. I almost feel as if Doc is patrolling the grounds in front of Stephen’s Hall, as if he is the protector of Towson University. The low angle shot shows just how powerful Doc is.

2.  Image two is a photo of some of the beautiful landscaping on campus. This photo was taken in the early morning on Sunday March 5, 2016. I like this photo because you can see the sun shining off of the plant as if it is just sprouting up out of the ground receiving life and power from the sun. I also like the fact that you can distinguish between the  foreground, background, and middle ground. I like the anesthetic affects of the background being out of focus this effect is a depth cue to show depth within the frame it also helps to distinguish between the different elements of the composition.

3 Image three  Is a photo of a  intern with the Towson sports network laughing hysterically after seeing one of her counterparts conducting a post game interview inside Towson Field-house.

I really enjoyed this exercise I think all three images follow the rule of thirds and basic compositional rules you should follow when taking pictures. I also think all of these photos are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In each one of these photos I think it shows a different perspective of life on Towson University.

The impact that social media has on the sports journalism landscape today.

For women in sports journalism, social media ‘can be an ugly place’ By Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune  discusses the cause-and-effect that social media has on female journalist.

Social media can be a great place for journalists of our era to get their stories out to the public in a timely fashion. Many journalists of today use social media as a platform to interact with their readers.

Many journalists would say social media is a more convenient way to stay in the loop and start the conversation with viewers and followers alike but, according to some social media is a dark ugly place.  “For anyone in the public eye, social media can be an ugly place,” said Doris Burke a veteran sideline reporter and color analyst for ESPN.

The article that I have referenced above speaks about the criticism and flat-out sexist comments made about female journalists who cover sports today. This article points out all the wrongs that we face as a society today, even when it comes to something which most of us love sports.

Social media indeed can be a great place to find out the latest scores, news and information about your favorite team but it shouldn’t be a place to bash journalists due to their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.