Welcome to my blog, I am Jerice Boston born and raised in Washington, DC. Personal life experiences have led me to feel that I am destined to study Mass Communication (Journalism New Media) & Electronic Media and Film (Film/Video/Digital Media). I served in the United States Army from March 21, 2006, until December 02, 2014. I was wounded while on active duty serving in Afghanistan. I have lost almost full mobility in my left arm. While I was recovering from my injuries, I realized my military career was over. Rather than letting my injuries get the best of me, I formulated a plan to start a new career. I intend to work as Sports Broadcaster. Sports is a passion of mine.

I have many professional and educational goals: some I have already accomplished and others I have yet to finish. One of my goals was to graduate from Montgomery College, in Rockville, Maryland with an Associates degree in Radio Production. Next, I plan to graduate from Towson University double majoring in Electronic Media & Film (FVDM) and Mass Communications (Journalism New-Media).

After graduation from Towson University, I plan to seek a Masters Degree from in Journalism. I have chosen this path because in today’s media most news outlets are moving to the one-man band approach where you are the reporter, camera operator, editor, and producer. Both my major programs of study at Towson have given me the technical skills that it takes to tell a story within the news media effectively.

Electronic media has influenced people in developing the change in our attitudes towards different situations through the use of social media. Electronic media plays a vital role in today’s communications, by highlighting problems within our society either through entertainment, and or news broadcasts. Webster’s dictionary defines communication as, “A process by which information exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.” Over time technology has progressed by creating new forms and ideas through electronic communication.