Students Taking Advantage of A Special Internship

Amy Phillips having a laugh with one of her fellow Interns after conducting a Interview with Towson University Lacrosse Coach Sonia LaMonica. (Photo by: Jerice Boston TU Student)

It was the home opener for the Towson University’s football teams 2016-17 season,

Amy Phillips can remember the anxiety she felt on the sideline when thrown straight into the fire, on her first day on the job.

Phillips, a Towson University sophomore studying Mass Communications (Journalism & New Media) hopes to secure a job with a major news network once she graduates from college.

“I was thrown right onto the field with a camera in hand,” said Phillips.

It was Amy’s first day as an intern for the Towson Sports Network. She was given the responsibility to shoot video highlights of the Towson University’s football game against Saint Francis.

“Being in that exciting atmosphere was more than I could have ever imagined for my first day,” Phillips says.

Many people wonder sometimes while attending or watching sporting events how these images are being produced on the Jumbotron, or how the highlight videos they see online come together. At Towson University it’s one select group of individuals that make this happen.

The Towson Sports Network (TSN) broadcasts live streams of home games for 13 of Towson’s 19 sports teams, including feature player profile stories as well as weekly coach’s shows with Towson head coaches.

TSN’s initial purpose was to bring more video coverage of athletic events by way of a video highlight packages. The Towson Sports Network was launched in August 2011, which coincided with the redesign of

“I thought it would be a great opportunity to get my foot in the door and start on my path to hopefully having a successful career as a sports broadcaster,” said Ryan McGettigan, a Towson Sports Network Intern.

TSN offers real-world work experience for Mass Communication and Electronic Media & Film majors, by providing opportunities to work on various professional camera setups, edit video, call game play-by-play, direct multicamera productions, interview coaches, student-athletes, and produce feature stories.

“I’ve learned how to operate a camera and film effectively, how to wrap cables, to edit video and audio better, direct live programming, communicate better and work as a member of a team,” said Shaylin Best a Towson Sports Network Intern.

Many of the Towson Sports Network Interns say that an internship like this is tremendous to their development as future broadcasters and members of the media.

“I love sports and would love to work in the sports world, I have learned a lot about the amount of work it takes to set up for a production; and the amount of preparation that goes in before every game,” said Jason Bruey a TSN Intern.

There is a lot of work that goes into broadcasting, streaming, or producing any content for the web, print or video.

“There are so many opportunities in broadcast, either through sports, news, and public television,” said Bryan Contreras TSN Intern. “I’ve learned that broadcasts take an entire team effort, it’s literally impossible to make one solo.”

Contreras says that this opportunity has come full circle for him he can remember a time when he first started out when things weren’t going so good it seemed as if he was making mistake after mistake, but he didn’t give up he continued to work hard and he was rewarded when he covered the Towson Women’s Lacrosse championship game which they won.

“My footage was used on ABC Ch. 2, which was awesome,” Contreras said.

TSN is looking to take their coverage to the next level in 2017 and beyond.

“ I see TSN continuing to develop our Video streams for all sports played in Unitas Stadium & SECU Arena,” said Ben Rosenbaum Interim Director Multimedia Assistant Athletics Broadcasting. “Raising the quality of both the video and the structure of the broadcasts. I also think we will begin producing more feature stories and raising the quality of those productions as we begin to partner more with the Electronic Media & Film department.”

Rosenbaum takes pride in developing his interns for their future careers once they graduate. He was once a student intern himself, so he knows just how far some interns come in their quest to gain valuable experience in their field while still studying in college.

“TSN gives you access,” said Morgan Schmidt a TSN Intern. “When I say that, I not only mean access to players and coaches, but access to a world of success in network media through self-made opportunities.”

Schmidt also recalls a memorable moment she had while working a woman basketball game.

“Coming out of a bathroom stall in SECU arena to see head coach Niki Reid-Geckeler throwing her leopard heels on the counter, working her tired soles into a pair of lace up Under Armor sneakers after a big televised win. She even actually apologized for being late and all over the place,” Schmidt says. “This was pretty humbling; this woman we constantly see on the court through a black and white screen, (Camera Viewfinder) challenging and organizing a team of 15 incredible athletes, is just like you.”

Every TSN intern I spoke with raves about this organization with nothing but positive things to say about their fellow interns and staff.

“Ben Rosenbaum and Brandon Sacks, (TSN Multimedia Assistant Athletics Broadcasting), are the definition of leadership,” said Schmidt. “They give you the seeds and the space to grow – and in whichever direction that may be. The skills I learned from this crew gave me the confidence to pursue a video production internship in the heart of London this summer.”

Rosenbaum says his most memorable moment once he took over as Interim Director for TSN, was last year while working with one specific intern, “She came in totally new to sports, filming, editing and reporting. Watching her develop and turn into one of the strongest interns we had was a great feeling. Knowing that I had helped someone develop their craft for their life after college.”

Amy Phillips, no longer has that anxiety that she felt last fall when she had her baptism by fire while shooting her first live multimedia production. Many TSN interns will tell you if you can’t stand the heat get out the fire.

“I feel very confident on camera, but TSN has taught me all about the behind the scenes action, off camera work, and directing,” said Phillips. “I will now be at an advantage when applying to news reporting jobs because, I have both on and off camera experience.”

Students interested in joining TSN are encouraged to reach out to Interim Director Multimedia Assistant of Athletics Broadcasting, Ben Rosenbaum.


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