Graduate Students Celebrate International Women’s Day

Dozens of Towson University students and faculty gathered at Freedom Square on Wednesday, in support of International Women’s Day.

Towson University Graduate Students held a rally in Freedom Square to bring awareness to the issues of woman rights and to have a conversation about some of the misogyny they feel still exist on campus.

“It is a special movement and we wanted to do something here to bring this up,” said Graziele Grilo Towson University Woman & Gender Studies Graduate student.

International Women’s Day, started in the early 1900s in Russia, it is an annual celebration recognizing women’s economic, political and social achievements.

Organizers wanted this to be a two-way conversation rather than the normal protests seen on television or in the news.

“We wanted to bring this conversation rather than a protest with all people across campus,” said Maider De Emilio Towson University Woman & Gender Studies Graduate student.

It also serves to highlight the ongoing struggle for race and gender equality worldwide.

“We have to notice things going on around us and notice the importance of women, which we have been doing a great job of, but we have to be aware of differences between things like race and class.” said Martha Kakooza Women & Gender Studies Graduate student.

Towson University’s International community played a major role in organizing this event.

“We are all international students and wanted to bring another perspective because we are here studying abroad in America,” said De Emilio. “Right now, the current situation in America is not stable regarding certain minority communities.”

Organizers are urging participants to take the day off, to avoid shopping except at small businesses owned by women or minorities, and/or to wear red in solidarity.

There was a crowd of about 50 students, and faculty gathered many wearing red. Many of spectators took the day off from classes and work to support the call to action.

“It is really important for me to be out here today because, I strongly believe in woman’s rights as I feel it’s important to stand in solidarity with other woman to show the world we are powerful,” said Annette Arceneaux Towson University student.

Many International students say they celebrate this day differently than most Americans.

“I’m from Uganda and today is a public holiday so no one goes to work, everyone stays home and cook’s good food and spends time together,” said Kakooza.

More imformation can be found on the Towson University Women’s & Gender Studies Departments Facebook page.


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