1.Image one is a photo of the bronze statue of the Towson University mascot (Tiger Doc)  I like this picture because it is a powerful representation of Doc (mascots name). This photo is a powerful representation because it gives students and spectators the image of pride, confidence, and school spirit. I almost feel as if Doc is patrolling the grounds in front of Stephen’s Hall, as if he is the protector of Towson University. The low angle shot shows just how powerful Doc is.

2.  Image two is a photo of some of the beautiful landscaping on campus. This photo was taken in the early morning on Sunday March 5, 2016. I like this photo because you can see the sun shining off of the plant as if it is just sprouting up out of the ground receiving life and power from the sun. I also like the fact that you can distinguish between the  foreground, background, and middle ground. I like the anesthetic affects of the background being out of focus this effect is a depth cue to show depth within the frame it also helps to distinguish between the different elements of the composition.

3 Image three  Is a photo of a  intern with the Towson sports network laughing hysterically after seeing one of her counterparts conducting a post game interview inside Towson Field-house.

I really enjoyed this exercise I think all three images follow the rule of thirds and basic compositional rules you should follow when taking pictures. I also think all of these photos are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In each one of these photos I think it shows a different perspective of life on Towson University.


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