The impact that social media has on the sports journalism landscape today.

For women in sports journalism, social media ‘can be an ugly place’ By Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune  discusses the cause-and-effect that social media has on female journalist.

Social media can be a great place for journalists of our era to get their stories out to the public in a timely fashion. Many journalists of today use social media as a platform to interact with their readers.

Many journalists would say social media is a more convenient way to stay in the loop and start the conversation with viewers and followers alike but, according to some social media is a dark ugly place.  “For anyone in the public eye, social media can be an ugly place,” said Doris Burke a veteran sideline reporter and color analyst for ESPN.

The article that I have referenced above speaks about the criticism and flat-out sexist comments made about female journalists who cover sports today. This article points out all the wrongs that we face as a society today, even when it comes to something which most of us love sports.

Social media indeed can be a great place to find out the latest scores, news and information about your favorite team but it shouldn’t be a place to bash journalists due to their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.



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